New York Times: Conditionalism Gains GroundHow do you know when your small movement is gaining momentum? Perhaps first, you get well-respected thought leaders or cultural icons to adopt and promote your cause. Perhaps next, you find recognition in a well known national or international publication. And finally, in terms of seeing an impact, you begin to receive increasing mention by thought leaders in the community you are trying to influence.

In the past couple of years, and especially in the past few months, that has happened with the theological movement of Conditionalism, and the ministry of Rethinking Hell.
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Rethinking Hell and conditional immortality featured in the New York Times “Beliefs” column on October 11th, 2014. Four days later, in the October 15th episode of The Briefing, respected evangelical scholar Albert Mohler discussed the column and the doctrine of conditionalism. In so doing, however, Dr. Mohler made several mistakes which Rethinking Hell contributor Chris Date corrects in this episode of the podcast.

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Rethinking Hell was recently brought to the attention of readers of the New York Times, along with work of Edward Fudge and the subject of conditional immortality. Not too shabby! In the article, one theologian dismissed the comments of Church Fathers who supported conditional immortality as “vague.” But are they really? Continue reading

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Best-selling author, pastor, theologian, and President of, Greg Boyd joins Rethinking Hell contributor Joshua Anderson to discuss the evolution of his understanding of hell, based on a Christocentric hermeneutic.

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In Parts 1 and 2, we looked at arguments that were made specifically for the traditional view and saw why they fail when they are taken to their logical conclusions. In this installment of the series, we will be looking at things from a different angle.  Here, we will be looking at a claim that some traditionalists make on an unrelated topic, and how, if the logical implications are considered, it would lend a substantial amount of weight towards annihilationism.

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